Christian and Katalina present: Married 2 Magic, Mind Tripping, and A Magical Life

Christian and Katalina: Magical Married Couple

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This entertainment duo will weave a spell of charming playfulness around you and just when you are getting comfortable they will spring an unexpected surprise that will make you jump out of your seat.

They’re versatile!

Their flexibility allows them to entertain anywhere as they have honed their craft performing at:

  1. Cruise Ships
  2. Fortune 500 Companies
  3. Performing Arts Centers
  4. Comedy Clubs
  5. Resorts
  6. Colleges and Universities
  7. Night Clubs

What makes them so engaging is their natural style, their passion for performing, and their love for each other and their audiences.

Married 2 Magic: Corporate Entertainment

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Magic, Mystery, and Love all entwine into a plush velvet rope that pulls you into the world of one married couple that defies explanation. Add one part Dick Van Dyke show, one part David Copperfield, and one part Love Potion No. 9 and you have the intoxicating entertainment cocktail called Married 2 Magic.

Clever, humorous, engaging, audience participation, and squeaky clean.

Find out why Theaters and Corporations bring back this entertaining couple over and over again.

Watch the Video of Married 2 Magic

Mind Tripping: College Entertainment

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If you every pondered the mysteries of the mind you might want to take a peek into their show called “Mind Tripping”. Christian & Katalina are mischievous and humorous, sorcerers of thought.

They will strip your perceptions down to their shaky floorboards and just when you think you might plummet into the dark chasm of mystery, they grab you by your last strands of coherent thought and return you to a warm and friendly reality.

It is perfect for freshman orientation, family weekends, alumni events, and all student activities.

Watch the Video for Mind Tripping

A Magical Life: Keynote Speaking

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Organizations also choose "A Magical Life" as an inspirational keynote address. Success in life is built on interpersonal relationships and developing relationship skills is the core of this uplifting humorous message.

Businesses often hire people based on their technical skills and fire people based on their lack of interpersonal skills.

Many people have never been taught the skills to effectively interact with others. "A Magical Life" reveals the rules of human relations and does so in a way that inspires confidence in others to immediately begin using their newfound knowledge and skills.

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